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Matthew Lee

  • Properties in Portfolio:18 investment units
  • Date Joined REIN: 2010
  • # of years investing: 8

Areas of Expertise:

  • Renovations
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Single Family
  • Duplex -4-plex
  • Other Advisory Services

Investing In:

  • Ontario


Matthew Lee is an innovative entrepreneur, investor-focused Realtor, and real estate investment advisor.  His mission is to deliver financial literacy, investment education, and concrete analytic tools to arm new and seasoned investors for sustainable success in Toronto’s competitive market.

As a child, Matthew watched his parents pursue their own auto repair & laundromat businesses after leaving stable careers at CN Rail and Scotiabank. This instilled in Matthew the realization that the autonomy self-employment can bring requires tireless work, sacrifice, and – most important – clarity in values and vision. Matthew is a Systems Design Engineer and received his training at University of Waterloo. In 2012, despite his fast-track trajectory to corporate management, Matthew left big business as a Senior Product Manager, intent on realizing an entrepreneurial vision that better aligned with his "Personal Belize".  After purchasing his first property, a four-plex in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, he transformed it into a systematized business.  Realizing the powerful change that just one real estate holding imparted on his financial trajectory, he endeavoured to create an organization that could help others transform their futures to be more financially free and personally fulfilling.

For Matthew, fulfilling his life's ambitions while weathering life’s uncertainties requires both resources of money and time, which real estate has consistently afforded Matthew and his partner, Amy. Since 2010, their 18 investment units have afforded them ample quality time with family, living and working abroad in Sweden, and impassioned career pursuits no longer based on salary pay band.

How Your Coach will Help You Win:

Matthew’s conviction is that personal fulfilment is attainable through sound financial action, clarity in values and vision. Matthew’s imperative is to help others create a “Life by Design, Not by Default” by coaching them as they define their own visions and offering them tools and services in their pursuits.

Matthew’s approach to coaching new and seasoned real estate investors draws on the four key ingredients to his own success.
1. Fundamentals for Lifelong Investment Literacy
2. Understand Your WHY – creating your “Personal Belize”. A vivid and specific picture of your life once real estate has helped you reach your goals.
3. Connect You With “Superfriends” – connections with like-minded people toward mutual success.
4. Systematize Your Approach for Replicable Success


REIN Bronze & Silver Awards

Certified REIN Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA), London School of Entrepreneurship (DDBS)

Barry McGuire’s Quick Turn Rapid Cash Program

Featured in REINLife Magazine (

Speaker at real estate investment forums in Toronto and Hong Kong.